Laser Scanning

IQA Solutions delivers laser-scanning technology and services for accurately capturing and documenting as-built configuration of existing process plants, discrete manufacturing or industrial facilities.

IQA’s laser scanning services include:

  • Field Data Collection
  • Data Processing
  • Visual Database Preparation
  • 3-D Modeling

Our value proposition for deploying laser scanning technology includes:

  • Minimizing Plant Shutdown Duration
  • Eliminating Project Rework
  • Minimizing Field Work
  • Reducing Installation Hours
  • Achieving Near Zero-Defect Engineering
  • Delivering Early Project Completion
  • Identifying Field Safety Issues
  • Mitigating Overall Project Risk
  • Reducing Personnel Exposure to Plant Risks
  • Improving Security by Minimizing Access Frequency


Our standard hardware and software for laser scanning services consist of:

  • Laser Scanners-Fixed Station from Faro Focus 3-D System, Hand Held from CSA
  • Laser Scan (Cloud of Points) Registration – Scene from Faro
  • Visualization
    • AutoCAD from AutoDesk
    • Panomap from CSA
    • QuantaCAD from QuantaPoint
    • NavisWorks from AutoDesk
  • Clash Detection
    • NavisWorks Manage from AutoDesk
    • Panomap from CSA

3-D Technology

IQA Solutions has a demonstrated record for eliminating or minimizing rework associated with engineering defects on revamp and retrofit projects through the use of intelligent 3-D Modeling in conjunction with laser scanning. Computer aided design (CAD) constitute the major portion of engineering deliverables. The primary CAD systems used on IQA projects include:

Of significant importance is the choice of the intelligent 3-D system. The 3-D Plant Design from AutoDesk is chosen by IQA based on robustness, high efficiency and low administration and maintenance requirements for system maintenance. Features heavily used on our projects include:

➤ Specialized workspace

  • ✓ Optimized interface for 3D plant layout design.

➤ Specifications and catalogs

  • ✓ Spec-driven technology and ANSI/ASME (B16) & DIN/ISO catalogs to meet project requirements
  • ✓ Import specs from other applications

➤ Piping, equipment, and structure

  • ✓ Model spec-driven pipelines and components semi-automatically or manually
  • ✓ Customize standard equipment library
  • ✓ Externally reference or parametrically create structural elements
  • ✓ Identify interferences

➤ Construction documents

  • ✓ Generate more accurate isometrics, orthographies, and documents

➤ Search and report

  • ✓ Query and manipulate data
  • ✓ Generate reports. Export to PCF files

➤ AutoCAD P&ID integration

  • ✓ Integrated functionality enables data consistency between P&IDs and 3D plant design models

➤ Navisworks compatibility

  • ✓ Easily perform whole-project review

➤ Data Exchange

  • ✓ Supports open, standards-based data exchanges like ISO 15926

Computer Aided Engineering

IQA Solutions delivers Detailed Engineering at approximately 10% of Total Installed Cost (TIC) by deploying state of the art Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) in design and analysis of equipment, foundations, structures, instrumentation and electrical systems. List of Computer Aided Engineering tools used in execution of IQA projects includes: